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Bullyrag, to abuse or scold vehemently; to swindle just one out of money by intimidation and sheer abuse.

Cardinal, a Woman’s purple cloak. A cloak using this title was in trend within the year 1760. It acquired its title from its similarity in condition to one of several vestments of a cardinal. Also mulled purple wine.

Corn in Egypt, a well known expression which suggests a plentiful offer of resources for any meal, &c., or an excellent source of money. Its origin is not surprisingly Biblical.

“During the yr 1609 there was attached for the Turkish embassy in England an Interpreter, or CHIAOUS, who, by cunning, aided by his official position, managed to cheat the Turkish and Persian merchants, then in London, outside of the large sum of £4000, then deemed a massive quantity.

Earwigging, a private dialogue; a rebuke in personal; an make an effort to defame Yet another unfairly, and devoid of chance of charm; a WIGGING is more public.

Betting Spherical, laying fairly and equally in opposition to nearly all the horses in a race making sure that no fantastic hazard is often operate. Usually known as obtaining spherical. See Reserve, and BOOKMAKING.

Apple-pie Mattress, a trick performed at faculties on new comers, or on any boy disliked by The remainder. One of the sheets is eliminated, and the other is doubled in the middle, to ensure each edges are introduced to the top, and search just as if both sheets were being there; but the not happy occupant is prevented acquiring much more than fifty percent-way down, and he should remake his mattress as very best he can. This trick is usually played by small children of a bigger development.

Double up, to pair off, or “chum” with Yet another gentleman; to defeat severely, in order to leave the sufferer “all of a heap.”

Nevertheless the Gipsies, their speech, their character—bad enough, as all the entire world testifies, but nonetheless not devoid of redeeming traits—their background, and their spiritual perception, have already been totally disregarded, and their very poor folks buffeted and jostled about until It's a question that any trace of origin or countrywide speech stays. Around the Continent they acquired far better awareness on the palms of uncovered Adult men. Their language was taken down in crafting and examined, their historical past was traced, and their extraordinary customs and observe of residing in the open air, and ingesting raw, and sometimes putrid meat, ended up explained. They ate reptiles and explained to fortunes simply because they had learnt to take action by way of their forefathers centuries back again in Hindostan; and so they devoured carrion because the Hindoo proverb—“That which God kills is much better than that killed by guy”[10]—was[eleven] nonetheless inside their remembrance.

Butcha, a Hindoo word in use amid Englishmen for your youthful of any animal. In England we check with following the kids; in India the well being with the BUTCHAS is tenderly inquired for.

Blow a Cloud, to smoke a cigar or pipe—a phrase utilised two generations back. Most certainly in use as long as tobacco below—an Just about obvious summary.

My predecessor, the first compiler, didn't Dwell to view his would like become an precise point; and, failing him, it devolved on me to undertake the process of revision and addition. How considerably this continues to be attained, the curious reader that's possessed of a copy of each version can finest choose for himself by comparing any handful of pages he may perhaps find. Of my own share from the get the job done I would like to say practically nothing, as I've mostly benefited through the labours view collection of others; but I may say[vii] that, Once i undertook the position of editor of what, Using the smallest achievable stretch of extravagant, might now be referred to as a completely new guide, I had no idea that the alteration will be nearly so huge or so manifest.

[In These circumstances indicated by a (*), it is Uncertain irrespective of whether we're indebted into the Gipsies with the terms. Father, in Welsh, also signifies a father. Cur is said being a mere time period of reproach, like Pet dog, which in all European languages has become applied in an abusive feeling.

Faggot briefs, bundles of worthless papers tied up with crimson tape, carried by unemployed barristers during the again rows from the courts to simulate briefs.

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